Modern business is unimaginable without a web platform, every company needs online support and therefore we have developed various options for you. We can offer you simple designed websites as well as solid constructed ones. The design options are up to you – either you choose from already existing patterns or provide us with ideas for creating your own one.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Search engine optimization. It is best practice to get your website in the top positions in Google or any other search engines.

The goal of SEO is to make the website more visible to search engines, to say so “making them friends” with search engines.

Search engine results rankings are determined by Google’s algorithm. While Google’s algorithm is still a mystery, several years of experience has shown SEO professionals the key factors that drive search engine results and enable them to come up with relevant strategies and tools to rank the website organically.

The two main factors that Google’s algorithm takes in consideration the most are On Page and Off Page SEO optimization, considering the complexity of these issues they should be managed by team of professionals who step by step, methodologically will lead the project to the successful outcome.The assumption that after SEO optimization results will arrive immediately is wrong, generally time needed for results varies between 3 to 6 months so for successful outcome professionalism,   consistency and patience are needed.

Our team is constantly updating and managing website content by adjusting it to customer requirements.

Website services also include adding plugins, integrating pages with social networks and search engines.

The cost of our services is calculated individually considering the option chosen by our clients and the duration of project – permanent technical support – or one-time service.