Defining social channels is one of the most important parts in digital world. Taking in consideration company’s  field of activity plays an important role in planning digital marketing  campaign  and picking the most suitable platforms for it , such as : Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram and so on.

Content manager is responsible for creating relevant, interesting posts which provides growth of audience and  supports the development of  business.

Content marketing is a process which by its composition is orientated to attract potential customers and support the growth of brand awareness.

Publishing articles and posts throughout campaign gives us opportunity to transform page visitors into customers by analyzing them and afterward creating leads for the companies.

Sometimes delivering information to customers by using  visually illustrated messages rather than plain text could be more efficient in some cases – for such cases are used so called infographics , they help us deliver complex issues in an understandable for customers  matter.

When talking about company awareness one of the most important issue to be mentioned is digital channel management, which includes:  budgeting, creating digital calendar and  running various commercials, analyzing effects and planning future actions for successful brand representation.

Email marketing is on of the broadly recognized ways worldwide , also popular in Georgia. It is one of the most effective instruments for constantly attracting and briefly informing customers, which includes specially designed commercial mails delivery to customers/potential customers.

Clients orders us E-mail marketing campaign and  provide us with all necessary information. whether it is sales, special offers, new products or etc.,  our team  taking in consideration clients needs  creates  HTML format designed commercials, selects target audience and follows up the whole process with analysis.

Short Message Service – commercials  are mainly focused on popularizing brands and products via mobile services. It is also broadly recognized  instrument in the world which also aims to grow company’s awareness.

social media management